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Doyle Brunson Has Twitter Spat with Vanessa Selbst

Saturday, September 24th, 2016

doyle-brunson-vs-vanessa-selbstIt’s amazing how the U.S. Presidential Race can get tempers flaring. Such was the case recently as Doyle Brunson got into a Twitter spat with Vanessa Selbst over Hillary Clinton, which eventually drew Liv Boeree into the argument.

Brunson, an ardent Republican and Donald Trump supporter, tweeted a comment about how many times Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has lied during her campaign.

“I’ll bet a lot of money I can name (and prove) twice that many lies Hillary has said. Maybe 10 times?” he tweeted.

This incensed Selbst and sparked the following comment.

“@TexDolly You’re just like the rest of the ignorant masses. Recycling talking points, making assertions, avoiding actual facts and logic.”

This prompted Brunson to not only ask Selbst to unfollow him, but also bash her for allegedly not paying Jason Somerville back on a poker debt.

“@VanessaSelbst Don’t know if you follow me but if you do, please unfollow me. You showed me your character when u welshed on Jason.#triedto”

“@TexDolly I haven’t followed you for a long time. And yeah, paying 100k = welching. I doubt u want to start a debate about ethics in poker.”

Boeree, who is Selbst’s friend, was quick to jump into this debate with the following comments:

“@TexDolly @Erik_Seidel Doyle, you are missing the point. Those were clear proven lies said by trump in just ONE DAY. Not over a lifetime.”

“@TexDolly @Erik_Seidel yup, thats fucking despicable. how hypocritical of you to shit on Vanessa about ethics.”

Eventually the trio stopped arguing on Twitter, but it’s clear that this will be another chapter added to the biggest poker feuds.

Perhaps none will ever top the feud that Daniel Negreanu had with Annie Duke. But it’s unlikely that Brunson will share hugs with Selbst and Boeree next time he sees them in a poker room.

Doug Polk vs. Ben Tollerene: High Stakes Poker Feud Over Coaching

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

doug-polk-ben-tollerene-poker-feudHigh stakes poker grinders Doug Polk and Ben Tollerene have issues with each other stemming back to a coaching arrangement that they made with each other.

As Polk describes on his YouTube channel, the two were originally friends after meeting and hanging out. With Polk being an NL Hold’em expert and Tollerene being a PLO expert, they decided to swap coaching sessions with one another.

Polk gave Tollerene a few coaching sessions in NL Hold’em, but Tollerene said that he could no longer offer the PLO coaching because the software that he was using had an NDA agreement.

This angered Polk because he said that the first few coaching sessions you do are the most valuable. And once Tollerene got these sessions, he suddenly broke the agreement over an arbitrary point.

Another problem that Polk has with Tollerene is that they discussed Cap NL Hold’em as friends. Then he tried to play Polk in $500/$1,000 CAP NL later after learning his strategy.

“To use that information and then sit me 6 months later after that convo – that is totally absurd!” says Polk. “You do not make friends with people, screw them over in a deal, and ask them how they think about poker just to sit them 6 months later.”

“There’s an understood thing in poker, where if you’re gonna coach players, and you’re gonna go into analysis with somebody, there’s inherit ‘I’m not going to play you later.'”

Polk goes on to call Tollerene a “vulture” and warns anybody to be careful when doing business with the high stakes pro.

One more topic that Polk discusses is his personal relationship with Tollerene, citing how the latter once yelled at him when they were drinking for little reason at all. Polk ends by saying that Tollerene has deep issues and is hard to get along with.

Lex Veldhuis bashes Antonio Esfandiari

Saturday, January 17th, 2015

lex-veldhuis-pokerDutch poker pro Lex Veldhuis doesn’t like Antonio Esfandiari, and he’s not afraid to let everybody know. During an episode of ChicagoJoey’s Poker Life podcast, Veldhuis used the word “worthless” to describe Esfandiari. So what’s at the root of his very strong dislike for ‘The Magician?’

According to Veldhuis, it all began during his first live tournament trip to Vegas. He played next to Esfandiari during one tournament and initially befriended him. However, things went sour when Esfandiari invited Veldhuis to dinner, but told him that his four friends couldn’t come along because he wanted to keep it small. “I’m not going to ditch my friends because you think you’re fucking Antonio, (like) I should be grateful that you’re asking me to dinner,” Veldhuis said.

After several years had passed, another dinner-invitation incident like this came up. This time, Daniel Negreanu and Liv Boeree asked if Lex wanted to eat with them. He said sure, but was disappointed to hear that Esfandiari was doing the reservations. Veldhuis tried to give Esfandiari another chance, but was again met with resistance when he wanted to bring a couple friends that he’d previously made plans with. Antonio’s problem with this was that he wanted to “keep it exclusive.”

Another point that Veldhuis doesn’t like about Esfandiari is that “he has no empathy for the situation people are in if he wants attention.” One example he gives is when Antonio was making fun of Bertrand Grospellier (sitting to his left) and his pants to a player at another table.

It’s rare for poker pros to openly discuss their disdain for fellow players like this – or at least to this extent. So it’ll be interesting to see if Esfandiari has any kind of comeback upon hearing the podcast…assuming it’s not too beneath him of course. Check the rant out below, and it begins at about the 1-minute mark.