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Poker’s Mike McDonald Bets He Can Make 90 Out of 100 Free Throws

Tuesday, April 7th, 2020

Poker pro Michael McDonald recently made a prop bet that he can sink 90 out of 100 free throws. He’s opened this wager up to anybody—including you.

Assuming you’re interested in learning more about Mike McDonald’s prop bet, you can read more about it below.

What Are the Stipulations Behind This Bet?

McDonald has issued his prop bet through PokerShares. At the time of this writing, you can bet $100 to win $157 against the poker pro’s ability to make 90 free throws.

Considering that few NBA players have shot over 90% from the free-throw line over a season, McDonald appears to have grim chances. But the following stipulations give him a chance:

-Regulation hoop & basketball
-No lane violations allowed
-Must make 90 out of 100 free throws to win
-Has unlimited number of tries to reach this goal before the end of 2020

What Are the Chances of McDonald Winning?

Through Twitter, Michael McDonald admits that he hasn’t played much basketball since 2012. Even before then, he didn’t have much experience with the game.

A video posted by Aaron Jones shows that McDonald has serious work to do if he’s going to shoot 90%. He wasn’t exactly lighting up the court:

Based on this video alone, the Canadian doesn’t look like a great basketball player. However, the key stipulation that gives him a chance includes the “unlimited tries.”

He could conceivably practice quite a bit to improve his skills. McDonald can also keep shooting bullets at this challenge day and night.

Of course, even free throws require recovery time—especially when one is shooting batches of 100. But McDonald does have a fair chance to win this challenge within the remaining seven months of the year.