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Poker Pros Win Big with Mayweather Bets

Monday, August 28th, 2017

mcgregor-mayweather-fightFloyd Mayweather delivered a 10th-round TKO on Conor McGregor to win the most-anticipated fight in decades. This victory gave Mayweather his 50th win and also offered many poker players wins too.

Numerous poker pros turned into betting sharps as the fight drew closer. McGregor’s brash talk during the press conferences helped him gain numerous fans and people willing to bet on him.

Mayweather’s odds dropped from -2200 when the fight was announced to -400 in the week leading up to the match. The reason why is because sportsbooks needed to even out the action in case McGregor won.

This opened the way for sharps to make bigger profits by betting on “Money” Mayweather. Going further, everybody expected Money to win the fight over McGregor, who was in his first-ever boxing match.

Poker pro Andrew Moreno explained that Mayweather offered such a +EV situation that he wagered 50 times his previous largest bet.

“It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about piling all the money in at like an 80% favorite,” said Moreno. “That’s all I can do. The rest is up to the poker gods, or, the judges.”

WPT announcer and poker player Tony Dunst also made the largest wager of his life too.

“You’re getting it good, and it doesn’t mean you can’t lose,” Dunst explained. “It’s just you see a spot that you think is favorable to you, that is advantageous, so you just try to take it, and you cross your fingers you don’t lose.”

McGregor Made this a Better Fight than Many Expected

Other poker players who put their bets on Mayweather included Bill Perkins, Brian Rast, Max Silver, and Scott Seiver. And all of their wagers came through as Money delivered with a 10th-round knockout. But the poker pros had plenty of reason to worry in the early potion.

McGregor made this a compelling fight by winning some of the early rounds. It wasn’t until the 7th round and beyond that Mayweather truly began working over his opponent.

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