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Poker Robber steals $10k – Tracked by Phone’s GPS

Saturday, February 27th, 2016

poker-robber-pompano-beachPoker pro Scott Robbins was having a pretty good night after making over $2,000 at the Pompano Beach poker room. Unfortunately, Robbins’ luck suddenly turned bad when a gun-wielding robber stole $10,000 from him along with a smartphone.

“You can’t use the words I was feeling in the newspaper,” he said. “I thought there was a good chance he was going to kill me.”

The good news, though, is that the thief didn’t know how to disable the phone’s GPS. So Robbins was able to electronically track the poker robber and lead the authorities right to him.

According to the Sun Sentinel, Karla Tattiana De Los Santos watched Robbins cash out a large number of poker chips. She then called Miguel Pena Allende, and the pair followed Robbins after he left the casino.

pompano-beach-poker-robberyRiding a scooter, the poker pro went to a Pompano Beach home he was staying at; this is when Pena Allende approached him and demanded the money.

“He told me to put my hands on the seat, and asked if I had a gun,” recalled Robbins. “I knew what was going to happen. He told me, ‘You know why I’m here, don’t do anything stupid, you know how it’s gonna go.'”

Interestingly enough, Robbins actually asked the gunmen to leave the phone. The robber said that he’d throw the phone across the lawn once he left.

“He didn’t leave the phone as he promised, but in retrospect it was a beautiful thing that he took the phone, because he would have taken everything I had and they never would have found him,” said Robbins.

After contacting the authorities, one of the deputy’s had Robbins log into his Apple account so they could trace the phone. It was found about nine miles away at a Walgreen’s parking lot, where De Los Santos and Pena Allende were with their seven-month-old daughter.

This isn’t Allende’s first offense since he was on probation after serving over six years in prison for armed robbery and carjacking. Now he’s sure to go back to prison after his latest crime.