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Doug Polk Has No Sympathy for PPA and Lack of Funds

Thursday, March 8th, 2018

doug-polk-cryptocurrencyThe Poker Players Alliance (PPA) is low on funds and in danger of folding. As I reported last month, they need to raise $25,000 or risk of becoming extinct.

$25k isn’t much money when compared to what a regulated US online poker industry can bring in. But it also seems that some people have lost interest in the PPA’s fight for legalized poker.

High stakes poker pro and current cryptocurrency enthusiast Doug Polk is one of those who question the PPA’s fundraising efforts. Specifically, he feels that the organization leans too far to the benefit of PokerStars.

Here’s his tweet on the matter:

“The @ppapoker desperately needs money and might collapse. I’d feel better trying to help if these weren’t some of the same people who lobbied AGAINST online poker in California 2 years ago. Why’d they do that? It would’ve shut out PokerStars from the market if passed.”

Polk Still Unhappy about PokerStars Raising Rake

Doug Polk has been unhappy with PokerStars ever since they changed their rewards program and increased rake in 2016. Stars thinks that these changes were necessary in an evolving online poker world. But Polk feels that PokerStars screwed over their customers.

The tweet clearly shows that he doesn’t like how the PPA is only willing to support legal California online poker if Stars is involved.

It’s unclear whether or not the PPA’s lobbying efforts (or lack thereof) are really the reason why legal internet poker failed in the Golden State. Tribal gaming interests, which have a powerful voice in the state, also want PokerStars out under the “bad actor clause.”

In any case, Polk dislikes the fact that they didn’t support legal internet poker efforts when PokerStars wasn’t included in the plans.

PPA Efforts Have Resulted in Little So Far

I’m sure that the PPA is working hard to lobby US gov’t officials to expand online poker. But their efforts have produced few results so far, with only Delaware, New Jersey, Nevada, and Pennsylvania legalizing the game.

More than anything, the lack of progress is hurting the PPA’s ability to get funding. Again, $25k isn’t a tremendous amount compared to what the regulated online poker industry could be worth. But it’s also hard to see many players having faith right now with so few states involved.

Poker Players Alliance on Brink of Extinction

Friday, February 16th, 2018

ppa-donationsThe Poker Players Alliance (PPA) was formed in 2005 to help legalize online poker across the United States. And the PPA has received funding from over 1 million members, along with online poker sites like PokerStars over the years. Unfortunately, it now seems that the PPA is struggling to make ends meet.

We covered how former PPA Executive Director John Pappas stepped down from the organization earlier this month. And vice president Rich Muny has now taken his place.

Through TwoPlusTwo, Muny revealed that the PPA needs funding badly or they’re in danger of shutting down. Here’s a comment he made when responding to criticism over the PPA fighting for sports betting:

“Thanks. TBH, though, I don’t see future corporate donations from poker-only entities and, without that, I don’t know that we have a path to continued viability. Even with me back to being an unpaid volunteer as of the beginning of this year, it’s a narrowing opportunity in terms of funding we need to continue operations.”

Specifically, the PPA needs $25,000 in funding by April to stay afloat. Muny is already an unpaid volunteer, so the $25k would simply go to the group’s lobbying efforts and expenses.

Is there a Need for the PPA Right Now?

One of the biggest issues raised in the TwoPlusTwo forum is whether the PPA should continue if it’s becoming an all-around gambling advocacy group. In other words, some poker players would rather see the group stop operating, rather than lose its identity.

The PPA has played a large role in helping get poker legalized in four states. But this process is much slower than people had hoped for. This is why poker sites have largely stopped funding the organization.

With just over a month left to gather enough donations, we’ll soon see if the PPA can continue as either a poker-focused organization or an all-around gambling lobbying group.