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Martijn Ardon breaks Sick Supernova Record at PokerStars

Saturday, March 14th, 2015

martijn-ardon-pokerMartijn Ardon has been a high-volume online poker grinder for years, but even he outdid himself by setting a sick Supernova Elite record at PokerStars.

Ardon, who also goes by the name “Quadchrazs,” becomes the fastest player ever to reach Supernova Elite status after accomplishing this feat in 51 days. Considering that becoming a Supernova Elite requires earning 1 million VPPs in a year, that’s inhumanly fast! Further adding to the lore is that the Dutchman could have accomplished this feat quicker, but he had a stomach illness for one week. Even still, he managed to best the old record held by Andrew “azntracker” Li by seven days.

According to Ardon, chasing this mark was merely an afterthought when he got off to a good start in 2015. After playing a high volume for the first three days of the year, he decided to go for the VPP record. What ensued was a 12-hour poker schedule that included over 1,000 sit and go’s every day. His game of choice was $100 SNGs, although he mixed some $60 Spin & Go’s, fifty50 SNGs and satellite hypers into his schedule as well.

Given all of the online poker that Ardon was playing, you’d have thought he would’ve found it boring after a while. However, he describes it as being pretty intense when trying to play well in each SNG. “It’s funny, people ask me this sometimes about SNGs,” said Ardon. “If you think SNGs are boring you miss a lot of important stuff to take into account! It’s more like a lot of stress than it is boring!”

If there’s anybody who can handle this stress, though, it’s definitely a guy like Ardon who plays thousands of SNGs in a week without wavering. But now that he’s reached the record, he can sit back, enjoy high VIP benefits and play some other games.