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New Online Poker Series “LUCKBOXES” Coming – Jason Somerville Involved

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

luckboxes-online-seriesWhile much of America was struggling during the Great Recession, online poker pros were enjoying the fruits of a boom period that lasted until 2011/Black Friday. A new online comedy called LUCKBOXES will explore this period while injecting a little humor into the internet grinder lifestyle.

Ryan Firpo, who directed the 2013 poker documentary BET RAISE FOLD, is behind this upcoming series, which tells the tale of two struggling brothers who stumble upon the online poker world. The project also lists WSOP champion and noted poker streamer Jason Somerville as one of the executive producers.

Based on the trailer, this show has the same feel as the HBO series Silicon Valley, with these young poker players rising to live a wealthy lifestyle. LUCKBOXES includes some real elements of poker too, such as multi-tabling, grinders living together, and how much easier it was to make a living playing internet poker in 2009, as compared to now.

Given how well Firpo did with BET RAISE FOLD and the fact that a real pro like Somerville is involved, we can bet that LUCKBOXES will stay true to poker. And if the trailer is any indication, this show might just have enough flair to keep casual viewers interested.

Whatever the case may be, we hope that LUCKBOXES will be a success and give us an entertaining poker show to watch from time to time.

If you’d like to see the trailer, as well as watch other clips on the upcoming show, check them out here.

Also, the show doesn’t currently have a release date, so we imagine that Firpo is shopping LUCKBOXES around to see what interest he gets.