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Bryon Micon raided by Gun-wielding Police, dragged Outside Half Naked

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

bryon-micon-pokerBryan Micon was going along minding his own business when 10 armed agents from the Nevada Gaming Commission busted into his home, pointed guns at him and dragged him outside half naked. Sounds more akin to the treatment given to a drug lord, rather than somebody running a Bitcoin poker site.

So it’s understandable why Micon was a little miffed at the excessive use of police force used to corral him – all while his wife and young daughter were watching. We can only imagine that the Nevada Gaming Commission got word that Micon had a butter knife on him before the door was kicked down.

The Seals With Clubs owner recently recalled his nasty experienced through a YouTube video released after the morbidly unnecessary raid. And there’s more bad news: he’s going to have to shut down Seals With Clubs following another security problem for the room.

Despite its success, SWC has had its fair share of security problems, including a 2013 breach that compromised 42,000 passwords. Micon didn’t have many details on the latest problem, but did offer that it was enough to convince his partners to quit the business. Micon, however, won’t be shutting down this easy. In fact, he’s more than prepared to move his family to Antigua for an “extended vacation” while operating SWC 2.0.

There are a couple of big things working in his favor if SWC 2.0 does launch. First off, his site was pretty reputable beyond security issues and will be returning all player deposits (always a question mark following Black Friday). Another advantage that Micon has is his previous experience and success in the Bitcoin niche. Combining these two positives, we can imagine that SWC 2.0 should do quite well if it does indeed open.