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Bettor Loses $3.8 Million in 2019 Super Bowl

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

super-bowl-2019-bettor-losses-millionsTom Brady and the New England Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl title after knocking off the L.A. Rams 13-3.

This victory has helped cement Brady’s legacy as maybe the greatest quarterback of all time. It also furthered coach Bill Belichick’s case for being the greatest football coach.

But legacies weren’t the only things on the line here. One bettor wagered and lost a $3.8 million fortune on the game.

Bettor X Loses $3.8m Over a Series of Wagers

“Bettor X,” as they’re being dubbed by the media,” visited Las Vegas to place their Super Bowl wagers. They started with a $2 million bet on Thursday, a $1.5 million wager on Friday, and another $300,000 the same day.

Every bet was made on the Rams winning the game with +120 odds. The gambler stood to win $4.56 million if L.A. won.

Unfortunately for the Rams and this bettor, LA’s high-powered offense struggled throughout the game. They ended with just three points, which few saw coming. After all, the totals line was 56 points.

Bettor X Has Had Previous Successes

It might seem like Bettor X would be bankrupt after this loss. However, they’ve actually had a lot of other big sports-betting successes beforehand.

They’re reportedly the same gambler who bet $4 million on the Philadelphia Eagles winning the 2018 Super Bowl. They collected $6 million after the Eagles upset the Patriots.

Bettor X had an even more-famous story during the 2017 World Series. They won $10 million over the course of the Series, when the Houston Astros ended up beating the L.A. Dodgers.

Despite the $3.8 million loss in the 2019 Super Bowl, Bettor X will likely be back to roll the dice yet again. Given their history of success, they might be in for some big wins in the future.

For now, though, they’ll be licking their wounds and waiting for the next major sports event to wager on.