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Poker Bot Cheater TheMadBotter Confesses – Brags About $30k Profit

Friday, July 29th, 2016

online-poker-botA bizarre post appeared on 2+2 from a poker bot cheater, who wanted to both confess and brag about his successful botting operation. “themadbotter” wrote that he booked a $30k profit while explaining some of the advanced techniques that he used with the bots.

“I hope to shed some light on the current economy of botting and to help people understand the relationship between botting and poker sites,” he wrote. “Over the past 6 months, my bot has played 500k+ hands on ACR (Americas Cardroom) mostly at 50-100NL. With various promos and bonuses factored in, it has generated around $30k of profit.”

Expressing his desire to remain anonymous because ACR/WPN network has his personal information, themadbotter explained that advanced botting requires more work than just the standard “plug-n-go” bots.

“Plug-n-play systems generally require minimal technical expertise whereas **** and similar frameworks will require intermediate programming experience,” he explained. “In general, bots in 2016 all come equipped (or can be equipped) with stealth technology that will remove any overt indications of the software running during a session; they will generally show up as some nondescript process running in the background on task manager.”

Themadbotter explained that plug-n-play bots are, at best, only capable of winning at the lowest limits. However, a well-programmed bot that is frequently updated can win at cash game limits of $50 to $100 NL Hold’em.

“Around month 3 is when the bot really took off, after I worked tirelessly to integrate a Poker Tracker database with the bot profile. Depending on VPIP, aggression, cbet%, fold to cbet%, etc., and overall results of a particular opponent, the bot had close to 15 different ‘branches’ of play,” he wrote. “It would play a nit much differently than it would a lag, a fish differently than a rock. It would exploit players based on tendencies: e.g. those who folds to 3bets too often, those who 3bet light OOP, those who folded to positional cbets unless they had top pair+, etc.”

Some of the posters, including “ChicagoJoey,” seemed genuinely interested in learning about what themadbotter had to say, just to get a glimpse into the world of advanced poker bots.

But other players were angered by the brash poster, who violated ACR’s terms and essentially cheated other players out of money.

One poster named “NovaCaine” believes that he knows who the madbotter is based on a couple of regs disappearing from $50 and $100 NLHE games. This, or something else, must have spooked themadbotter, who wrote the following after so many detailed posts/answers:

“Sorry all, I was just lying, just trolling. Why can’t I edit my posts? Can a mod lock this thread please?

“I see from the FAQ that it’s likely due to the way this particular sub was set up. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you all, I was just bored and wanted to troll. This is why I could not post any proof. I hope that admin can delete this thread so as to not cause undue panic in the players or to unnecessarily slander WPN’s reputation. ACR should ask to have this thread deleted since there is no reason why my unfortunate misstep, with no proof or evidence to support any of the allegations in this thread, should unnecessarily cause them financial harm or bring negative publicity.”

Whoever themadbotter is, it looks like they’re done talking about the subject. This disappointed some posters, who were interested in picking the player’s brain more about the advancements in botting.

You can read the entire 2+2 thread here.