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Doug Polk Challenges Tom Dwan to $5 Million Poker Game

Friday, September 8th, 2017

doug-polk-downswingsHigh stakes poker pro Doug Polk recently stated his desire to play Tom Dwan in a live heads-up cash game for $5 million.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Polk, after a series of jokes, challenged Dwan to play in the $5 million match.

“Tom Dwan, I challenge you to a heads-up no-limit match for $5 million,” said Polk.

“I know I’m an underdog, I’m not stupid,” he added. “What am I, maybe 15, 20 percent to win. But that’s 20 percent to beat the greatest. Those are odds I’m willing to take.”

I highly doubt that Polk really thinks he’s this big of an underdog. It seems that he’s just having fun and trying to make an entertaining video. But he’s definitely serious about the challenge.

“On a totally serious note, though, Tom please let me know if you wanna play,” Polk said.

Dwan Makes US Appearance on Poker After Dark

tom-dwan-pokerPerhaps the timing of Polk’s $5 million challenge coincides with Dwan’s recent appearance on Poker After Dark. As we covered before, Dwan graced the show while taking down a $700,000 pot versus Antonio Esfandiari.

Dwan was once a star on the show before it stopped running prior to Black Friday (2011). Now, he’s ready to reprise this role on the show’s reboot.

Dwan has spent most of his time in recent years playing in the biggest Asian high stakes poker games. Rumor has it that he played for as much as a $30 million pot in Macau.

Polk has Trolled Dwan – Now He’s Challenging Him

Polk has occasionally discussed Dwan on his show in the past. And he once called Dwan out on gambling debts that he owed to Dan “Jungleman12” Cates. Polk even went as far as to say that Dwan “scammed” Cates on a challenge he was supposed to finish.

That said, it’s surprising that Polk would also consider playing the New Jersey native in such a big challenge.