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Macau’s Tom Hall Wins $950k Weight Loss Bet

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

tom-hall-weight-lossBack in September, Macau-based poker player and businessman Tom Hall made a $1 million weight loss bet, where he had to drop from 115kg (253 pounds) to 103kg (227 pounds) in two months. Hall must be quite wealthy because an added stipulation of the wager was that he couldn’t buy any wine bottles, cars, watches, luxury items, or electronics worth over $100.

This proved a manageable bet for Hall since he completed it and won $950,000. The reason why he earned $950k instead of $1 million is because his betting partner asked for a buyout, and wasn’t given much leeway.

In the end, Hall dropped from 253 pounds to 225.4 pounds. He also avoided the temptation of buying all of the luxury items that he’s so used to.

This seemed like an easy wager overall for Hall since he only had to put up $100,000 against the unnamed bettor’s $1 million.

He wrote a Facebook post about the matter, where he discussed why he got into the bet and exactly how he lost the weight. Here’s one excerpt from the lengthy post:

“For those that want to train and exercise more, engage a proper gym/trainer. You always get pushed harder, stretch and prepare properly (less injuries), get a varied routine so you don’t get bored and it’s also an emotional boost, having somebody there to motivate you. We all have off-days, having some bloke/lady there to kick you on the days you want to slacken off, was for me important.

“I adopted a form of “intermittent fasting”. There are several types of this, where the most commonly known is the 2 days of really low calorie intake and 5 days eating normally. I went with one version where, I would only consume solid food in an 8-hour window every day. For me, Monday’s to Fridays, I would have a protein shake and daily vitamins at 7am, bulletproof coffee over the morning (stops you getting hungry and gives you the necessary fat you need – its coffee + butter + MCT oil – sounds gross but its great), morning training, then lunch around 1 pm. Dinner at around 7pm-8pm. Would then just take the dog for an hour walk in the evening. At weekends, I would have a normal oatmeal and fruit (occasionally eggs) breakfast with the family and eat meals at usual times. Again this was part of my trying not to drive the rest of my family insane, was it a super strict adherence to the ideal? No. But to me the weight loss program was more about healthy eating and maintaining a balance in life and being something I could continue after. On school mornings when everybody is rushing around, my eating routine didn’t affect anybody else.”

If you’re looking for some real-world advice for dropping pounds, check out Hall’s Facebook post. Also, here’s a closer look at the exact stipulations from the weight loss bet: