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Vanessa Rousso Releasing First Song “Kiss Face” in Feb

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

We’ve seen plenty of successful poker crossovers over the years, including Alex Jacob the Jeopardy! champion, Annie Duke the public speaker, and Haseeb Qureshi the writer. Now, we have Vanessa Rousso, who’s gone from being a poker tournament pro to making dance music.

According to her long-time DJ’ing partner, Melissa Ouellet, Rousso is now ready to drop her first single, “Kiss Face.”

As you can see, the song will be released on Rousso’s birthday, February 5th.

Together, Rousso and Ouellet form the group N1TEL1TE. And based on how Kiss Face was originally supposed to be used as background to Adele’s hit single “Hello,” it seems that the group is doing pretty well.

According to Rousso, she got into music because she no longer found poker as fulfilling.

“The thing about music is that you’re actually connecting with people and making them feel positive emotions in a very different way from the way I interact with people at the poker table and it was kind of like the missing link for me,” said Rousso. “It was like your soul kind of like has the need to connect with other people.”

She certainly did a good job of taking people’s money as a pro, earning over $3.55 million during her career. Rousso was also a member of Team PokerStars before quitting the grind to focus on music.

After a stint at the Berklee College of Music, Rousso partnered with Ouellet, someone who’s been on the music scene for years. And this partnership has helped Rousso make a quick-and-successful transition into the music world.

Still, her poker accomplishments won’t be forgotten any time soon since she’s final tabled many events and won the 2006 Borgata Poker Open ($285,450). While Rousso still plays poker from time to time, she only averages a couple of tournament cashes a year these days.