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Costa Rica lashes out at Movie “Runner Runner”

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

runner-runner-costa-rica-angryIt’s now been over a year since the movie Runner Runner hit box offices, much to the poker world’s dismay. Initially there was excitement when it was revealed that Rounders writers Brian Koppelman and David Levien were penning the script. However, this excitement turned to horror when the B-movie plot was revealed and online poker was cast in a terrible light.

Apparently, the box office flop, which made just $30 million, has finally made its way to the Costa Rican government. And according to InsideCostaRica, Minister of Public Security, Celso Gamboa, is angry about how the film portrays his country’s Fuerza Publica (national police officers).

“Instead of drawing attention to our country for its flora and fauna, they tarnish the image of our civilian police,” said Gamboa. “It is a way of telling criminals and drug addicts that Costa Rica is perfect (for such behavior). We want this to be fixed because you don’t play with (mock) our country.”

One scene that Gamboa takes particular offense at is how the police officers are drinking, smoking cigars and hanging out with prostitutes. This certainly goes along with the image that the film tries to portray, in that Costa Rica is a crime-riddled, corrupt, online gambling haven.

Some inconsistencies with the movie include that it was filmed in Puerto Rico – not Costa Rica – and the Central-American nation is portrayed as an island (perhaps director Brad Furman is confused with Antigua?).

In any case, Runner Runner, or Apuesta Maxima as it’s known in Costa Rica, has been a failure on so many levels. Now we can add incensing the Costa Rican government to this list of failures. And if you haven’t seen the film before, which I’m hoping is true, check out the trailer below: