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How Big will WSOP’s “The Colossus” be?

Friday, December 26th, 2014

wsop-the-colossusJust recently, the World Series of Poker released their 2015 schedule. And while the 2015 WSOP schedule is once again filled with big and exciting tournaments, none are more intriguing than “The Colossus.”

So what’s The Colossus?

The Colossus is a $5 million guaranteed tournament that will feature a $565 buy-in. Normally, you don’t even see this kind of money offered for high rollers – let alone a $565 buy-in tourney! Interestingly enough, this is the smallest open-event buy-in that the WSOP has offered in the last 35 years.

How Big will this Tournament get?

I’m not sure exactly how much rake will be taken out of the $565 buy-in, but for simplicity sake, we’ll say $65. With $500 going to the prize pool, it would take 10,000 players to meet the guarantee. Given the growing popularity of the WSOP, this is very likely.

But let’s also consider that the first-place prize will be worth over $1 million and a gold bracelet is on the line. Also consider that starting chip stack will be 5,000, and players can re-enter in subsequent starting flights if they bust out in an earlier one (four starting flights total). Now, there’s a very realistic possibility that we’ll see anywhere from 12,000 to 15,000 players enter this monster of a tourney.

What else is on tap?

Aside from The Colossus, which figures to be the largest live tournament ever, the WSOP is bringing back some fan favorites. You can read about everything in this press release, but just for a quick synopsis, here are the highlights:

June 5/6: Millionaire Maker – $1,500 buy-in with at least $1 million going to the winner.

June 12/13: Monster Stack – $1,500 buy-in and players start off with 15,000 chips.

June 25: Ladies Championship – $10,000 buy-in, but a 90% discount for the ladies. Guys trying to dress up as women will once again pay the full $10k.

June 28th: ONE DROP High Roller – $111,111 buy-in, which is the largest in the 2015 WSOP.

June 30th: Little One for ONE DROP – $1,000 buy-in with an optional $111 extra that goes to ONE DROP. Paying the $111 is almost a certainty because this increases your stack by 5,000 chips.