Tom Dwan Wins $700k Hand on Poker After Dark

poker-after-dark-showThe return of Poker After Dark is off to a bang after Tom Dwan won a pot worth $700,000.

The hand felt like old times, with Antonio Esfandiari, Daniel Negreanu, and Dwan battling in a three-way pot. With blinds at $200/$400, Dwan held pocket aces, Esfandiari had pocket kings, and Negreanu held pocket queens pre-flop.

Esfandiari 5-bet to $41,000 and Negreanu called. This prompted Dwan to shove his $328,000 stack into the middle. “The Magician” called while Negreanu folded his pocket queens.

Dwan and Esfandiari agreed to run it twice. The first run was 10c-7s-9d-Js-6s, which gave Dwan half of the pot. The second run was 2h-Jh-4c-6c-6h, giving “Durrrr” the other half of the pot too.

Anybody who watched shows like Poker After Dark and High Stakes Poker in the past may remember some huge hands. And this $700k pot between Dwan and Esfandiari will certainly be up there too.

Other players who competed in the game include Doyle Brunson, Andrew Robl, Jean-Robert Bellande, Bill Klein, and Lauren Roberts.

More on Poker After Dark Return

Running from 2007 to 2011, Poker After Dark was once one of the biggest poker TV shows. But it was discontinued in September 2011 after Black Friday.

PokerGo recently made the decision to reboot the show. The new version is live-streamed at the ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. As mentioned before, blinds are set at $200/$400, and there was over $2 million total on the table.

Fans of the show can catch episodes every Tuesday night at 8pm EST, on PokerGo. The first episode had minor issues with the audio and graphics. But everything was fine by the time that Dwan, Esfandiari, and Negreanu played their big hand.

Return of Dwan

Tom Dwan is one of the biggest online poker stars to ever play the game. He helped revolutionize the online game in the mid and late 2000s thanks to his strategy and playing style.

But Dwan has been playing in Macau cash games for most of the 2010s. This kept him off the radar in the US and Europe. But with his return to Poker After Dark, Dwan is sure to garner some more attention in the Western Hemisphere again.

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