Winamax Sued for Poker Bot Issues

winamax-online-pokerWinamax, a French online poker room, is being sued by players who feel that the site has done a poor job of keeping bots off their tables.

The lawsuit involves 16 players who want compensation for losses suffered as a result of poker bots.

What are Poker Bots?

Poker bots are programs that people can design to play online poker games for them. Bots were initially looked at as harmless due to their inability to beat the average player. However, these programs have become far more sophisticated and successful over the years.

They also allow account holders to “play” for hours without getting fatigued. Most poker sites now watch for bot-type behavior and ban any suspected accounts using these programs.

How Was Winamax Affected by Bots?

Winabax features “Expresso” games, which are hyper-turbo sit and go’s that work like a lottery. Three players compete for a prize pool that’s randomly picked before the SNG starts.

A TwoPlusTwo user called “Dontsaycat” brought up the issue that Expresso games were infiltrated by bots. And the primary suspect was a screen name called “twopanda”:

“He [twopanda] is playing 12 hours a day, every day, 8 tabling and chatting on tables like he is on pool drinking cocktails.

“Now seeing that Winamax was not punishing him, he added other players with the same bot, who are playing in different hours than him and together they are owning totally the rankings of promotions and the tables.”

Other players jumped in the discussion and questioned why Winamax wasn’t taking action.

The site responded by asking twopanda to come to their Paris office, so they could see twopanda replicate their same SNG feats in person.

Twopanda never showed up to the office. Winamax responded by shutting down his account, confiscating the money, and refunding affected players. Nevertheless, some don’t feel they’ve done enough and are now suing the French poker giant.

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