$1.2m Bad Beat Jackpot Hit at Montreal Poker Room

playground-poker-bad-beat-jackpotTwo lucky players at Montreal’s Playground Poker Club are celebrating after triggering a massive $1.2 million bad beat jackpot.

Elphege Delarosbil was playing $1/$2 no-limit hold’em at the time of his big win. He was holding pocket jackpots when the board came up Jc-6h-9s-Js-10s. This gave him quad jacks, which usually wins in almost any situation.

However, Shane Galle was also sitting at the table with Qs-8s, which gave him a straight flush and the winning hand.

Normally Delarosbil would be in disbelief at his bad beat. But since he was playing at one of Playground Club’s bad beat tables, he now has reason to cheer. Here’s a look at the poker room’s tweet on the matter:

“Why are these gentlemen smiling? One takes home 40% and the other 20% of our $1,210,989 Bad Beat Jackpot!! #BadBeatJackpot.”

The $1,210,989 jackpot is one of the largest-ever bad beat jackpots in live poker. Delarosbil unlocked it because he satisfied Playground Club’s requirements of losing with quad eights or more.

Given that he suffered the bad beat, Delarosbil collected the largest share at over $460,000 (40%). Galle earned more than $230,000 (20%) for winning the hand.

Everybody else involved in the pot received $30,000, while Playground Poker Club keeps the rest. The poker room was very generous with their cut, distributing $1,200 to each player in the vicinity of the winning bad beat table.

About the Playground Poker Club

Located just outside downtown Montreal, the Playground Poker Club has become one of the premiere poker hubs in Canada.

They regularly draw major events such as Card Player Poker Tour, World Poker Tour, and partypoker LIVE tournaments. Their popularity certainly won’t go down after awarding one of the biggest bad beat jackpots in either live or online poker history.

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