Absolute Poker’s Brent Beckley imprisoned with Enron CEO

Brent Beckley was a major figure in the Black Friday trouble as he headed the now departed Absolute Poker. And as many people know, Absolute Poker was laid to rest alongside millions of dollars worth of player deposits shortly after Black Friday.

The poker community hasn’t been sympathetic to Beckley’s actions, and the US justice system seemingly feels the same because they decided his fate of 14 months in prison. He received the sentence after pleading guilty to bank fraud and money laundering. When October rolls around, Beckley will be seeing a change in living conditions as he enters the Englewood Federal Correctional Institution situated on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado.

Things can’t be all bad for this former reputable man as the Englewood facility is only a minimum security satellite work camp; this is just a fancy term for a prison for wealthy and famous men to do jail time.

He’ll have the company of other high-profile men including Enron CEO Jeffery Skilling and former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. As was reported worldwide in the early 2000’s, Skilling was pulling the strings during the Enron energy company collapse that took over 20,000 jobs and billions of dollars of investors’ money. Following this disaster, he earned himself 24 years in prison with charges of fraud and insider trading.

Blagojevich was governor from 2003-2009, which may have temporarily earned him respect from the people in Illinois; however, crimes belonging to the former Illinois head man earned him 14 years in prison. Blagojevich was caught trying to sell the Senate seat vacated by current US President Barrack Obama, which is just one infraction that landed him behind bars.

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