Antonio Esfandiari’s Condo Robbed of $1 Million in Valuables – Police Arrest Suspect

Poker pro Antonio Esfandiari’s Las Vegas condo was recently robbed of $1 million in valuables. The theft includes casino chips, cash, and jewelry.

Police have already arrested a suspect in connection with the crime. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, authorities have apprehended Svitlana Silva, a 46-year-old woman from Arizona.

The Suspect Knew Esfandiari’s Father

Esfandiari lives in Las Vegas’ Panorama Towers. The Panorama Towers are extremely popular among poker players due to the complex’s close proximity to the Vegas Strip. The 41-year-old high-stakes poker pro has lived in the complex for well over a decade.

Antonio lives with his father, Bejan, in the condo. Bejan previously dated Silva and trusted her enough to leave her alone in the home.

The father and son both believe that Silva took the $1 million in valuables. Included in the theft are $150,000 in cash, $400,000 in jewelry, and between $300,000 and $500,000 in casino chips.

Silva moved out in March 2020 but still stays with the Esfandiari’s occasionally whenever she’s in Las Vegas.

How Did Police Catch Silva?

Svitlana Silva has been charged with burglary and possession of stolen property. The latter is damning for her case.

Police began suspecting Silva after receiving word that she’d recently competed in a high-stakes home game in Vegas. Silva bought into the game with $5,000 and lost those funds.

She then bought in for $20,000 and another $30,000 before losing those amounts too. The 46-year-old reloaded with another $300,000 in Bellagio and Aria casino chips.

Another player in the game won a combination of chips and cash. They later received a text from Silva suggesting that they wouldn’t be able to cash out the chips.

“Hey forgot to tell you my chips has special mark on computer so if its stolen they can’t cash out,” Silva’s text notes.

Police arrested Silva in the Aria parking garage. She had multiple $25,000 chips from the Bellagio and Aria at the time.