Bad Beat Jackpot Hit for $994k

poker-bad-beat-jackpotIt’s been years since an online poker bad beat jackpot reached nearly $1 million. But this finally happened recently, with several players sharing in a jackpot worth $994,119.

BetOnine, which is on the Chico Network, was the site of the huge prize. And this is the largest bad beat jackpot they’ve paid out since the promotion started in 2016.

How the Bad Beat Jackpot Happened

Six players were sitting on a $1/$2 Texas hold’em table. Two players sat out the hand, while four others were dealt in.

“Tyrant” (Jd-Jc) and “pokerplayer4ever” (Qd-Td) got into a pre-flop raising war that made the other two dealt-in players fold.

The flop of 8d-9d-Jd gave pokerplayer4ever a straight flush, while Tyrant held a set of jacks.

A 4d and Jd landed on the turn and river, respectively. Both players shoved their chips into the middle on the river, creating a main pot worth $395.

Pokerplayer4ever won the hand and the $395. But Tyrant was the biggest winner (or loser) overall, collecting a $273,382 share of the jackpot. Pokerplayer4ever, meanwhile, earned $149,018 for winning.

The other two players who were dealt into the hand received $74,509 each. 93 other players who were currently at the Chico Network’s bad beat tables each pocketed $599.

The two players who sat out the hand have to be kicking themselves. After all, they could’ve shared in the combined $149k in winnings that the other two folders who were dealt into the hand shared.

Will We See Another Bad Beat Jackpot worth $1 Million?

Chico’s bad beat prize has been reset to $273,382, which is 27.5% of the $994k jackpot. And this is certainly a sizeable prize.

But this begs the question of if we’ll ever see a jackpot worth $1 million again. Online poker doesn’t receive as much traffic as its golden age (mid and late 2000s). However, it’s always possible that Chico gets another massive bad beat jackpot going again, especially on the heels of this payout.

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