Betting Tips For Free Poker Games

If the title of this post caused you to raise an eyebrow, thinking to yourself, “What do betting tips have to do with free poker games?” you aren’t alone. A lot of online poker players don’t see any correlation between free and real money poker games on the web. However, playing free poker online can actually be a great way to practice and improve your poker betting skills. Keep reading for a few tips.

For starters, when you play free poker online it is important to play as if you were playing with your real money. What does that mean? Basically, don’t go raising $10,000 on a hand if that’s not something you would do in real life. You want to simulate real money play so that you will be used to the betting sizes and the idea of playing with your own money when you actually start playing with your own bankroll.

When playing free poker you should also focus on learning when you should bet and when you should fold. If you have a hand that you know isn’t good enough to win then you are better off folding. Sure, you could bluff and stay in, but if another player calls you on your bluff then you will lose more money than you have to.

When playing free poker a lot of players take betting liberties that they couldn’t afford to or wouldn’t when they were playing with their own money. Try to play as you would with your own bankroll to make free poker a great tool for improving your poker betting skills.

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