David Chino Rheem Wins 2019 PCA Main Event

david-chino-rheem-pokerDavid Chino Rheem has emerged victorious at the 2019 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event. Rheem triumphed over a 623-player field to win the $1,567,100 top payout.

This represents another victory in Rheem’s illustrious — albeit controversial — poker career. The first-place prize pushes Rheem’s live tournament winnings to $10,513,973.

Recap of Rheem’s Victory

Chino played well from start to finish. He reached the final table with the chip lead at 7.55 million. Scott Wellenbach, a 67-year-old amateur player, was in second with just over 6 million chips.

The final table was relatively uneventful for nearly 100 hands. But an elimination finally occurred when Brian Altman shoved with A-3 suited, only to be called by Rheem and his pocket queens. The board was no help to Altman, who exited in sixth place.

Rheem also provided the next elimination, when he called Vicent Bosca’s (A-J) shove with 5-3. The board gave Rheem a two pair, which was good enough to beat Bosca.

Paul Veksler was the next to go in fourth place. He went all-in with A-Q, but couldn’t get the help he needed to beat Chino’s pocket sixes.

Wellenbach, who donated his winnings to charity, busted out in third. His K-Q took the lead on the flop, only to see Rheem river a straight and win the hand.

Thanks to all of his eliminations, Chino carried a 5:1 chip lead over Strelitz in heads-up play. He only needed seven hands to end the matchup and win the tournament.

Rheem has sometimes butted heads with fellow pros over the years. But he’s continued grinding and furthering his poker career. This latest victory should pad his bankroll and help Rheem continue excelling in the poker world.

2019 PCA Main Event Final Table Results

1. David “Chino” Rheem, $1,567,100
2. Daniel Strelitz, $951,480
3. Scott Wellenbach, $671,240
4. Pavel Veksler, $503,440
5. Vicent Bosca, $396,880
6. Brian Altman, $297,020

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