Cumicon Retires from Online Poker $7.4 Million Richer – Reveals Identity

cullen-cumicon-connors-pokerCumicon is a mysterious online poker screen name that’s racked up over $7.4 million in profits since 2013. Strangely enough, though, only serious high-stakes grinders knew of cumicon because he’s kept his winnings a secret for years.

But the highly successful pro has finally stepped out of the shadows to share his winnings and announce his retirement.

Posting on TwoPlusTwo, cumicon explained his rapid rise to $7,423,000 in profits. He also mentions, “I did this without ever really working on my game away from the tables, so its still possible to be a lazy poker player and make money in today’s games.”

Who is Cumicon?

Appearing on Joey “ChicagoJoey” Ingram’s podcast, cumicon revealed his true identity to be Cullen Connors.

Connors isn’t a big-time live player, so it’s little wonder why he’s flown under the radar. But obviously he’s done very well while playing in the shadows.

Why is Cullen Connors Quitting?

“I don’t really like playing poker,” Connors bluntly said when asked about why he’s retiring from the game.

Another problem is that cumicon is an American. And ever since Black Friday, he’s had to live away from home for years so he can grind on the biggest online poker sites.

“I feel like I’ve pretty much put my life on hold for like 5 years to just like, try and make as much money as I could.”

What will Cumicon Do Now?

Cumicon said that his “life was pretty much just poker for the past 5 years.”

Now he’s excited to get away from the game and start enjoying some other pursuits.

One thing that he mentioned doing is checking out the western US states, including Colorado and Wyoming. But beyond this, he’ll just be trying to figure out what to do next now that he’s not spending hours in front of online poker tables.

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