Dan Bilzerian rattled by Bomb Arrest

dani-bilzerian-partyingNot long ago, poker player Dan Bilzerian was arrested at LAX on bomb charges. The arrest was made on an out-of-state warrant from Nevada after he was accused of having bomb-making materials.

At first glance, it seems like this is just another day in the crazy life of Bilzerian. But according to People Magazine, the “King of Instagram” might be a little more rattled over the matter than meets the eye. As claimed by an unnamed friend, Bilzerian is “distressed” over the charges. The buddy added, “This is so out of character for him. He just wants to put it behind him.”

The explosives case isn’t the¬†only¬†legal matter that Bilzerian is dealing with. He’s also facing assault charges for kicking a woman in the face at Miami’s Liv nightclub. Gossip sites have been distributing a murky clip that shows a muscular man kicking a woman in the face. However, Bilzerian has already hired a lawyer and claims to be innocent in the matter.

Bilzerian told People, “Trashy gossip websites that don’t fact check. The allegations being made about me are absolutely false. I look forward to shedding light on what happened through proper channels.”

The unnamed friend also spoke on this matter, claiming that Bilzerian doesn’t believe in violence against women. “He has never condoned any sort of violence towards women,” the friend said. “That’s just not what he’s about. Sure, he has sexual relationships with women, but he is all about respecting women. The entire thing seems very, very suspect. I think that because of Dan’s public lifestyle, he’s a target for this type of thing.”

With over 5 million followers on both Facebook and Twitter, Bilzerian is one of the biggest social-media celebrities in the world. He’s also gained considerable fame for allegedly making $50 million in high stakes poker. But lately, all he’s been making waves for is his legal trouble.

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