Dan “Jungleman” Cates Getting Into Acting – Ponders Poker Future

Dan Cates has been one of the world’s best high stakes poker players for over a decade. Lately, though, he’s been questioning his future in the game.

Discussing his thoughts in a post called Quarantales, “Jungleman” notes that the Covid-19 shutdown has given him lots of free time. After all, live poker rooms are still shuttered throughout much of the US.

He’s still playing online poker. However, Cates has also been visiting London parks, cooking, taking improve classes, and learning acting. The latter has actually become Jungleman’s passion during the pandemic.

Poker Is Taking a Backseat

Cates says that he’s played plenty of online poker and even won some money. However, he’s not as passionate about the matter right now.

“Got screwed over a bit in new ways and in a [ghosting] scandal somehow despite having the tiniest role. So, I got something possibly worth more than money: life lessons and experience! Yeay, thanks?

“Anyway, poker no longer satisfies my ambitions, so I have largely been working on a new career path. One where I will hopefully be able to align my crazy ambitions and selfish motives towards what is better for doing good in the world.

“Poker was and possibly still is an excellent way to go from having not much money to having enough to give one freedom, but not to make world-changing money or to do much good. To be clear, I am not quitting poker, just shifting focus unless big opportunities or games come.”

Jungleman Is Diving Into Acting

Cates is taking both acting and improve classes. He seems extremely interested in acting right now and is even getting private lessons.

“Fortunately acting is much more interesting I expected. I halfheartedly took an acting lock down class and got some private lessons from an established actor.

“Acting has much to do with feeling as though the character played is oneself and stretching the imagination.

“Think back to being a little kid where it was acceptable to have imaginary friends and shit, except now it totally is! I always wanted to see/feel the world through other people‚Äôs eyes, maybe this will sort of allow me to.”

Jungleman is definitely searching for something different to do. Perhaps he’s found it in acting, or maybe he’ll choose another path. Whatever the case, he doesn’t sound interested in playing poker as much these days.

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