Daniel Negreanu discusses WSOPE Victory, Less Traveling

It’s been a great week for Daniel Negreanu. The long-time poker pro not only won the 2013 WSOP Europe High Roller (€725,000), but he also captured the WSOP Player of the year award too. And while Negreanu has had plenty of highlights during his career, this week might top them all.

Riding the high of his current success, the six-time WSOP gold bracelet winner recently did an interview with PokerListings. And one of the first things that Negreanu was asked involved which recent accomplishment was more special to him – the POY award or High Roller title.

“I gotta be honest with you, Player of the Year is a big deal to me,” he said. “It’s always my goal every year. I know that I’ll win bracelets. I’m thankful to have six now, which puts me back in the race in terms of the all-time players.”

Negreanu also discussed the tough final table that he overcame to win the High Roller. “The one thing that’s different (about) poker now, compared to 2004, is that when there are two tables left it’s like pulling teeth,” he said. “In the old days I could have coasted to eighth no problem. Not with these 16 players. It was a murderer’s row with Phil Ivey, Jason Mercier and all the superstars. The amount of mistakes made in tournaments these days are so minimal. You have to capitalize on every little bit that you can.”

One more interesting topic that Negreanu covered involved his plans to travel less in future years. “But yeah, I’ve done so much in poker and I’ve learned that true happiness comes from a balanced life.” He continued by saying, “Just on this trip I was fortunate enough to have a friend (Laura) with me so that I’ve actually gone out and seen the city. In my early 20’s it was tracksuits, my hat and poker. I was in and out. Now I’m really experiencing life and the joys of traveling. If I do continue to travel for poker tournaments I’m going to add a few days so I can actually be a tourist.”

With over $19.5 million in tourney winnings and a poker career lasting almost two decades, Negreanu has definitely earned the right to have some fun away from the tables. Make sure to check out the entire interview here.

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