Daniel Negreanu Makes $1 Million Prop Bet that He’ll Win 2020 WSOP Bracelet

Daniel Negreanu has bet $1 million on his ability to win a gold bracelet at the 2020 WSOP. With 101 online and live tournaments on the schedule, Negreanu will have many chances to win.

Kid Poker currently holds six gold bracelets. However, he hasn’t been able to capture a seventh victory since the 2013 World Series of Poker.

Online Events Give Negreanu a Stronger Chance

The 2020 WSOP will feature a different format than it has within the last five decades. Rather than most of the events running live, most tourneys will instead take place online.

COVID-19 has forced the organizers to rethink the traditional format. Rather than stuffing numerous people in a poker room, the WSOP has chosen to socially distance with an online-heavy schedule.

85 of the events will run through a combination of WSOP.com (Nevada and New Jersey only) and GGPoker.com (international). The remaining 16 live tournaments may or may not actually happen at the Rio as planned.

In any case, the online tourneys will allow Negreanu to play in more events. They make for the possibility of multi-tabling, which just isn’t available in a live format.

Bettors Have Already Lined Up

Negreanu hasn’t experienced any trouble finding takers on his bet. He’s already accepted $1 million in wagers from a variety of players.

The biggest bettors, Ali Imisrovic and Connor Drinan, both wagered $100,000. Assuming Negreanu wins a bracelet, he stands to receive $2.5 million from the bettors.

Kid Poker will get his first crack at winning the bracelet along with a $2.5m side bet on July 1. He lives in Nevada, so he won’t have any trouble playing in the WSOP.com events.

From here, he plans to move to Mexico to enjoy the remaining tournaments on GGPoker. Negreanu also represents GG as an ambassador.

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