Daniel Negreanu Clarifies Role with Vegas NHL Team

daniel-negreanuThere was exciting news in the hockey world this week as Las Vegas’ new NHL team revealed their name, the Golden Knights. This further drives home the fact that Vegas will soon have its first major professional sports franchise.

As we discussed last year, Daniel Negreanu was one of the biggest supporters of bringing an NHL team to Vegas. Due to the 6-time WSOP champion’s heavy involvement, many wondered if he would have a permanent role with the team.

After all, he was involved with team owner’s Bill Foley’s group and their efforts to being hockey to the desert. Negreanu, a Canadian-turned-long-time-Vegas resident, even helped lead a season ticket drive to show the NHL that they were serious.

The ticket drive was a huge success, tallying over 10,000 people who said they’d purchase season tickets. This is over half of the Golden Knights’ new T-Mobile Arena, which seats 17,500 fans.

Thanks to all of these efforts, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman awarded the city a hockey franchise in June.

But as for Negreanu, it appears that his involvement with the franchise was merely to promote the team and bring hockey to Sin City.

“I was heavily involved with ticket sales and a group of 75 of us who were basically trying to prove to the NHL that hockey would work in Las Vegas,” Negreanu told PokerNews. “I helped to do that. As far as investing in the team, I’m just going to be a supporter, a fan.”

The 42-year-old poker pro grew up in Toronto and has been a Toronto Maple Leafs fan his entire life. So it’s little surprise that he’s already lined up his season tickets for the Golden Knights.

“I bought four seats for myself down low and I also bought 12 seats for kids that I’m mainly going to donate to a school called Cambeiro Elementary, which is a very underprivileged school,” said Negreanu. “The kids are on assisted lunches and don’t have a lot of opportunity. I thought it would be good at a grassroots level and they would enjoy the game.”

The Golden Knights are set to start playing in the 2017-18 NHL season. And when this happens, you can bet that Negreanu will be attending as many games as his poker schedule allows for.

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