Daniel Negreanu Thinks that Poker Rooms Should Close Now Due to Coronavirus

Some poker rooms have already closed amid the coronavirus outbreak. However, others are still operating for the time being.

Daniel Negreanu thinks that these poker rooms need to shut down now. Kid Poker believes that huddling players next to each other makes for the potential of far more infected players.

Many professional sports leagues have already suspended their seasons into the foreseeable future. For example, the NBA suspended play after Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for COVID-19.

College basketball has also shut down its season. Many schools have subsequently announced that their entire sports programs will be suspended.

Negreanu Tells Poker Rooms to “Shut It All Down”

Negreanu stands to benefit from playing live poker as much as the next guy. However, he believes that nothing is more important to the game now than to cut everything off immediately.

Many agree with Negreanu’s assessment of the situation. After all, poker rooms figure to be dangerous places as far as contracting COVID-19 goes.

Others, however, don’t completely go with Kid Poker’s rational. One responder tweeted, “Nothing can stop the spread of the virus. It’s already here and thousands of people have it.” A casino dealer by the handle @HoopsMike worries that shutting poker rooms down will destroy his livelihood.

Does the Coronavirus Threaten to Derail Poker?

The coronavirus is already affecting the way many businesses operate. Some have closed down either due to fear or law mandates. Others are forced to only offer certain services, such as restaurants featuring carryout only.

Poker will be no different from the average industry. As Negreanu points out, land-based rooms should be closing in the near future.

Online poker, on the other hand, figures to see an uptick in play. Italy, which is hit really bad by the virus, has doubled its online poker traffic as locked-down individuals look for things to do.

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