Delhi High Court Considering Online Poker Ban in India

Most of India has a very conservative take on online poker. The Delhi High Court isn’t doing anything to dissuade this notion because they’re currently considering banning the game.

However, the High Court didn’t just decide this on their own. Instead, social activist Deepati Bhagat has filed a petition to convince the court to prohibit online poker.

Currently, internet poker is treated as a grey area throughout much of the nation. Bhagat wants internet poker and other skill-based card games to be lumped under the gambling category.

Potential Online Poker Ban Would Apply Across India

Bhagat isn’t just looking to get online poker banned in the capital city of Delhi. She wants the High Court to prohibit poker, rummy, and similar games across the entire country.

Gambling is currently illegal in India. Assuming poker and other card games were considered gambling, they’d also be deemed illegal.

All Online Poker Sites Are Targeted

Bhagat’s petition calls for all internet poker rooms operating in India to be taken offline. She also wants all of the offshore sites to be blocked from the country’s residents.

The activist argues that poker is a game of luck, not skill. She points out how the cards are dealt in a completely random manner.

Not Bhagat’s First Jab at Poker

Deepati Bhagat has long been against internet poker. Her original effort was rejected by the High Court based on Bhagat’s inability to explain the game. She quickly offered up a new petition this week along with an explanation on poker rules.

The Delhi High Court delivered a notice to the Finance Ministry and Delhi government to get their takes on the matter. The court has also set a hearing for the plea on November 28, 2019.

India offers the promise of a massive poker market with their 1.3 billion residents. However, legal challenges, such as Bhagat’s, threaten to derail the game in this country.