Doug Polk Completes $10k Bankroll Challenge in 58 Days

doug-polk-bankroll-challengeTwo years ago, Doug Polk started a personal bankroll challenge, whereby he wanted to run $100 up to $10,000.

He played quite a bit in the beginning. But Polk grew tired of the challenge and stopped with his bankroll at just over $1,364 in November 2017.

However, Polk recently picked up his efforts again in July 2018 and has now reached $10,000. He made over $8,600 within the past month few weeks.

What’s amazing about this is that the long-time poker pro made his money through low-stakes cash games and tournaments. He also played exclusively on Nevada’s, which doesn’t get an abundance of traffic.

How did Polk Make so Much Money in Low Stakes Poker?

Polk became rededicated to the bankroll challenge after the start date’s two-year anniversary. He didn’t make much money in late July and early August.

However, things really turned around for him after an August 12 session, which saw him win nearly $1,000 (bankroll at $2,303). He followed this up with another $1k profit on August 14 (bankroll at $3,320).

Just six days later, on August 22, Doug went on a massive heater in 200NL and 500NL. He played 11 hours and was successful after taking shots at both higher levels.

What Happened on the Final Day?

doug-polk-bankroll-challenge-1Polk started his 57th session at $6,882 away from his goal. Few people expected him to finish the challenge when he began playing on August 22.

After playing well in 200NL, Polk took a chance at 500NL. He proceeded to win thousands of dollars over the next few hours.

Not wanting to get stacked and lose his progress, he moved back down to 200NL with his bankroll at $9,638. Polk was still able to win the remaining amount that he needed to reach his goal.

Polk finished the challenge with a $10,138 bankroll, thus giving him a $10k profit throughout the 2 years and 38 days. During this time, he only had to play 57 sessions to reach his goal.

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