Doug Polk Exposes Dan Bilzerian’s Poker Abilities

dan-bilzerian-poker-abilitiesHow good is Dan Bilzerian at poker? If we’re to look directly at the stakes he plays and the amount of money he has, Bilzerian must be pretty good. But looking past his multi-million dollar chip stacks, we can see that he’s not exactly an elite grinder.

High stakes pro Doug Polk exposed Bilzerian’s poker abilities in a recent YouTube video.

Multi-accounting on Bill Perkins’ online poker account — all while live streaming the infraction — Bilzerian makes suspect plays like overvaluing Q-10(o), jamming pots with over-sized bets, totally mis-reading opponents’ hand range, and playing 7-5(o) after being 3-bet pre-flop (see Polk analyze him below).

This isn’t to say that Bilzerian is a total fish, though, because Polk does complement a few of his moves. Nevertheless, it casts some doubt on the idea that Bilzeiran made $50 million through high stakes poker.

The Sun takes this thought a step further by saying that Polk claims Bilzerian’s income source is a lie. Here’s an excerpt:

Doug Polk, who runs tutorial site Upswing Poker, said of Bilzerian: “He claims to have made all of his money from poker.

“Yet his dad made a lot of money, but in the 80s went to jail and was forced to pay a $50-60 million fine and only paid a few million.

“The money is missing and we just don’t know where it went.”

It’s definitely suspect to think that Bilzerian, an above-average player, would make $50 million — even if he was playing against unskilled high rollers.

But Polk does conclude that Bilzerian could beat some of the softer high stakes games. However, against top internet competition, he’d be a “fish out of water.”

No matter his skills, or lack thereof, we can all agree that a millionaire throwing around money on the tables and advertising it isn’t necessarily bad for poker’s image.

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