Doyle and Todd Brunson to Sell $149 Poker Training Course

doye-todd-brunson-poker-training-courseDoyle Brunson is one of the most-legendary poker players ever, having won 10 WSOP gold bracelets and millions of dollars in cash games. His son, Todd, is also an outstanding player with plenty of his own successes.

The father-son duo are now combining to offer a poker training course that’ll retail for $149.

Dubbed the Brunson Poker Pro Training Course, this program will offer access to the training site, a book, and an audio CD.

Here’s a synopsis from their site:

“This new Poker Learning System will not just teach you what professionals know about the game, it also will give you the knowledge much faster by using board templates, audio cd and flash cards. Your brain will absorb the knowledge in a short period of time so you can use it at the tables without playing for years.”

More on What the Brunson Poker Pro Course Offers

Below you can see every area that this course will cover, as per the website:

  • The visual aspects of the game
  • Board Textures
  • Early Straights Flops
  • Reconizing your Outs
  • Combos & Blockers
  • Push / Fold Charts
  • Players and their Ranges
  • Betting Patterns
  • Math & Probabilities
  • Winning Percentage and your Hands
  • Hand Strength Heads Up
  • Nuts Evaluation
  • Poker Thought Process
  • The Mental Game
  • Tournament Play
  • Tells
  • Strong Hand Bets
  • Weak Hand Bluffs
  • Balancing your Ranges
  • Plus 208 Professional Poker Moves displayed on Flash Cards

Is the Brunson Poker Pro Course Worth the Money?

I haven’t personally gone through the Brunson’s training course. But looking at all of the content offered, it seems that the $149 price may be a better deal than similar programs.

It’s also worth mentioning that Todd and Doyle are both active in Las Vegas’ biggest cash games. So it’s not like Brunson is simply dusting off his famed 1978 Super/System book and regurgitating the advice.

Only time will time on the value, though, as more players try the course and give their feedback. I’m guessing that it’ll at least offer some value to aspiring live cash pros.

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