Dreyfus on HoldemX: “More Drama, More Action and more Fun”

holdemx-pokerNobody is talking about another poker boom these days because it’s not coming…at least not in the traditional Hold’em format that poker used to explode in the mid-2000s. But this certainly doesn’t mean that poker is relegated to becoming obsolete, especially if those around the game can innovate it. And, as we covered a couple months ago, this is exactly what Alex Dreyfus is trying to do with HoldemX.

Dreyfus recently did an interview about HoldemX with ESPN, in which he discussed how this game isn’t just another variation of poker.

“HoldemX’s ambition is not to become a new poker format,” Dreyfus told ESPN. “This is a full new meta-game based on the principles of poker with an exciting added strategic layer. That said, one advantage of this is that it means we don’t have to educate the existing Texas Hold’em player base — only to guide them to discover the X factor that this game brings. It brings more drama, more action and more fun without straying from the skill-based foundations of what makes poker unique.”

Fans of Texas Hold’em will notice that HoldemX doesn’t deviate much in terms of the board or number of starting cards. However, what does differ are the Xcards, which players select at the beginning of a game and use to perform special actions such as “Pot Block” or “Card Switch.”

HoldemX draws on other popular skill games like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering, although you won’t find any dragons or wizards – both ideas that HoldemX creators originally floated.

“Since October, the game’s mechanisms has been tested by dozens of the most advanced poker players in the world and top players from games like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering,” said Dreyfus. “We’re thrilled by their first reactions. We believe we have the right foundation here from which to build a great franchise, one that will connect these communities and expose poker-based gaming as a viable eSport property.”

With poker players like Bertrand Grospellier spending much more time in Hearthstone, and the accelerated growth of eSports, it’s nice to see Dreyfus trying something new with HoldemX. And if this poker game is indeed a success, it might not be long until we can all start playing it for real money.

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