Dusk Till Dawn Removes Casino Tables in Favor of Poker

Many casinos have cut down on poker tables to increase their casino offerings. The UK’s Dusk Till Dawn is taking the opposite approach by removing gaming tables so they can better concentrate on poker.

Owner Rob Yong made the executive decision to go all in on poker. Yong feels that his club has slipped somewhat with live poker events by spreading themselves too thin.

He also doesn’t like the term “casino owner.” Yong wants to be known as a card club rather than a full-blown gambling venue.

Sports Bar & Bigger Poker Tournaments Are the Plan

A sports bar will replace the area where the casino table games were housed. Some of the vacant space will also allow for bigger poker tournaments in the future.

Through a video, Young explains more on his decision to concentrate on poker. He notes that UK gaming regulators scrutinize Dusk Till Dawn more because of the casino games.

This club has always been known as a poker venue first. It launched in 2007 while being billed as Europe’s biggest poker room.

Dusk Till Dawn now hosts the Partypoker Millions and WPT UK. However, they struggled at one point—especially following Black Friday (2011).

Young brought in blackjack and roulette to generate some additional revenue. The plan initially worked, but it no longer appears as profitable.

Dusk Till Dawn Could Capitalize on Growing Live Poker

The poker boom may be long over. However, the live portion of the game is still growing. Dusk Till Dawn is hoping to better capitalize on live poker’s ascension.

After all, tournament fields have grown to epic proportions within the last few years. The UK tournament scene is especially enjoying an uptick. Yong obviously sees these signs as encouragement that his club should go back to its roots.

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