Elior Sion Wins 2017 WSOP $50k Players Championship – Plans to Start Real Estate Business

elior-sion-2017-wsop.-players-championshipjpgBritish cash-game pro Elior Sion has won the 2017 WSOP $50,000 Poker Players Championship along with $1,395,767. Sion topped a 100-player field to win the event and earn his first gold bracelet.

Afterward, Sion was quick to point out how tough it was to beat this elite field.

“I mean, it feels amazing,” he said. “It’s been a long day playing with some of the best players in the world. A tournament like this is like a long journey. You just need to take it a step at a time. There are a few blips along the way, but as long as you still have chips, anything can happen. At the final table, cards fell my way and I was fortunate enough to win.”

Heads-Up Play between Sion and Becker

Johannes Becker was the last player standing between Sion and victory. And it looked like Becker was destined to win since he held a 3-to-1 chip lead.

But Sion made it a contest as the two battled heads-up for 5 hours. In the end, Sion finally got the best of the matchup and dispatched Becker in second place ($862,649).

“It did swing a lot back and forth and then in the last level when the blinds changed, just everything fell my way,” the Brit said regarding their heads-up match. “It was just, it felt like it was going to be over pretty quickly because the blinds were so big. Johnny played really, really well.

“I’ve played with him online a bunch. He’s learned mixed games very recently and he’s showing he’s able to compete with the best int he world. I have a lot of credit for him and everyone else at the final table.”

Daniel Negreanu Makes Final Table

Daniel NegreanuBesides facing Becker with a 3-to-1 chip lead, Sion also worried about 6-time WSOP champ Daniel Negreanu, who made the final table.

He was especially worried because the Poker Players Championship was an 8-Game format, which favors well-rounded players like Kid Poker.

“The person who I probably feared most was probably Daniel Negreanu,” Sion explained. “Just watching him play, he has really kept with the game. He knows what’s going on almost always. He’s my biggest threat and to see him not get any cards at the final table, really, he didn’t have a chance to win. That kind of opened the gates and that let me do my thing.”

Negreanu would bust out in fifth place ($300,852), which helped clear the way for Sion’s eventual victory.

Sion will Invest in Real Estate

elior-sion-2017-wsopThanks to the $1.4 million prize that he earned, Sion wants to use this money to further himself in another pursuit: real estate.

“I want to start my own business,” Sion said, referring to the London real estate market. “I want to get involved in property. I don’t see poker as a long-term goal for me. Everybody is different, so I respect every aspect of this.”

He added, “To be honest, I’m not really there for the fame or anything. I enjoy playing and I’m just trying to win. I don’t really have goals. Poker has always been like a stepping stone in life. It’s let me do the things I really wanted to do. With the win, I’ll finally be able to do a few things that I got in the back of my mind.”

2017 WSOP $50,000 Poker Players Championship Final Table
1. Elior Sion – $1,395,767
2. Johannes Becker – $862,649
3. Isaac Haxton – $595,812
4. Ivo Donev – $419,337
5. Daniel Negreanu – $300,852
6. Paul Volpe – $220,111

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