Faraz Jaka launches Travel Website

faraz-jaka-trave-websiteThanks to a decade of going all over the world and playing in poker tournaments, Faraz Jaka has developed an affinity for traveling. And he’s taken this love/experience a step further by launching his own travel website.

FarazJaka.com offers the poker pro’s wealth of advice on how to get around different cities and where to go.

“Basically, I’m writing city guides to give you tips on what to do in all these different cities,” Jaka told PokerNews’ Sarah Herring. “Just like philosophy stuff. How to travel light, how to not get worn out when you’re traveling. Just literally like the tricks of the trade I’ve learned along the road for 10 years.”

It certainly makes sense that Jaka would start a travel website when you consider that he’s combining his experience with a passion. But what really sparked him to launch a full-scale website is how tired he got of answering the same questions from friends/family.

faraz-jaka-travel“It kind of started because I keep a notepad of all the places I’ve been and all the restaurants and all my recommendations,” Jaka explained. “And I’m always getting emails from friends and Facebook messages, ‘What should I do in Vegas? What should I do here?’ And I got sick of writing these messages so I’m like ‘Why don’t I just turn this into a webpage and send them a link.”

A quick visit to his website reveals that Jaka already has some good guides up for the Bahamas, Europe and US. Specifically, you can read about what to do in Berlin, Prague, Malta, Fort Lauderdale and Nassau. Guides are currently in the works for Chicago, Durham (NC) and Staniel Cay (Bahamas).

Poker can be a pretty repetitive game when you play full-time like Jaka. So it’s nice to see him branching off and doing something else that he’s passionate about too.

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