Former CardPlayer Employee Busted After $1m Theft

cardplayer-shelby-mccannShelby McCann, a former employee of CardPlayer Magazine, has been arrested on charges of theft and other felonies. She’s believe to have stolen $1.1 million during her time with the company.

McCann was hired by CardPlayer in September 2011 to manage their finances. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, she began embezzling money from her employer just two months into the job.

Shelby was also working for the company under the name “Anna,” presumably to lessen the chances that CardPlayer could look into her criminal record.

How did Shelby McCann Pull Off This Crime?

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jay Raman says that McCann wrote checks to herself from CardPlayer. The checks went to covering her debts and giving herself a pay raise.

McCann also created fake crowdfunding efforts to transfer money to. For example, she sent $22,000 to a fake adoption crowdfunding page.

She worked for CardPlayer from 2011 to 2016, embezzling $1.1 million over this five-year span.

Why didn’t CardPlayer Catch the Theft?

barry-allyn-shulmanRaman explained that CardPlayer was struggling in the aftermath of Black Friday. Therefore, owners Barry and Allyn Shulman were more worried about keeping the company afloat than monitoring every employee.

McCann was hired just a few months after Black Friday under the alias Anna McCann. The Shulmans weren’t involved in the financial side of the business, leaving McCann with free reign to manipulate the company’s accounts.

“All of a sudden, there was no money to pay the bills,” said Allyn. “This made us start thinking, what the heck is going on?”

Shulmans Grateful for Support After $1m Theft

Writing through her Facebook account, Allyn Shulman thanked everybody who’s helped her and Barry through this difficult time:

“Two years after we painfully and shockingly learned that our bookkeeper embezzled over a million dollars from CardPlayer during her 5 years with us. Anna Shelby McCann has finally been indicted and justice is being served.

“It is comforting that in the 24 hours since the Indictment was issued, so many of you have sent us love and kind wishes! Barry and I THANK YOU ALL!”

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