GGPoker Accused of Banning Players Just for Winning

GGPoker has dealt with heavy accusations from the poker community lately. Some claim that GG bans players just for winning big.

This controversy arose when Tobias “dudd1” Duthweiler came out with a story on how he was banned and his winnings confiscated. GGPoker closed Duthweiler’s account, took his winnings, and returned his original bankroll.

Previously, Duthweiler was banned on a GG skin called Natural8 for suspected bum hunting. He claims to have no idea that Natural8 was owned by GGPoker when he began playing on the latter.

Fedor Holz Defends GGPoker

Famed German poker player Fedor Holz wasn’t on his countryman’s side. Instead, the GG ambassador believes that the site was justified in banning Duthweiler.

He points to how “dudd1” had already been banned on Natural8 and warned about playing with any GG network site again. Duthweiler violated these terms when he appeared on GGPoker and started bum hunting again.

“VeniVidi1993,” a notable online PLO grinder, backs up Duthweiler in this saga. He alleges that GGPoker banned him and confiscated his winnings for bum hunting too—something that he denies doing.

GGPoker Sticks to Its Terms and Conditions

GGPoker adamantly claims that they don’t ban players just for winning. Instead, they claim to only take action against those who violate their terms and conditions.

“GGPoker has not and does not ban players for winning,” reads a company statement. “We have only banned players who have violated our Terms of Service agreement by cheating, bum-hunting, colluding, or acting in a way we deem to be predatory. GGPoker maintains a healthy poker ecosystem and works to provide a safe and fair playing environment for all players.”

As you may know, bum hunting refers to when players refuse to compete against those deemed to be of equal of greater skill. They only seek fish in hopes of earning more profits.

Bum hunting has remained controversial in online poker for over a decade. Sites like GGPoker must make a judgment call when deciding to ban somebody for bum hunting.