GGPoker Crashes While Hosting WSOP Online Bracelet Series recently handed the baton to GGPoker for hosting the 2020 WSOP Online Bracelet Series. GGPoker had a rough start, though, when their software crashed.

The site discovered a critical bug that forced them to shut things down. Meanwhile, Events #32 and #33 have been postponed until further notice.

What Happened with the Bug?

GGPoker tweeted about what happened regarding the software bug. However, their explanation didn’t exactly clear the air:

“The bug was caused by an overwhelming number of players joining The Opener and other side events. The tournament servers were unable to resume due to high loads. We will increase more capacity (we just doubled it) to make sure future events run smoothly.”

The bug affected the $1,111 COVID Relief Charity and $100 Opener tournaments. While these tourneys aren’t exactly the Main Event, many still expected them to run smoothly.

Should Players Accept GGPoker’s Excuse?

Unsurprisingly, some players weren’t happy with the poker room’s explanation for the shutdown. After all, most major online poker sites fully understand what type of server capacity they need to run tournaments. One person tweeted:

“You didn’t prep for this we are in 2020 you know? For someone who hosts the WSOP that’s pretty laughable, the fact your given out a $100 tournament money in your words as a ‘Reward’ is also laughable. I wouldn’t want to touch your site after this.”

Did GGPoker Get Hacked?

Several Twitter users questioned if GG was merely trying to cover up for a hack. Again, it seems strange that they wouldn’t have enough server capacity when running WSOP tournaments.

This explanation borders on conspiracy theory given that there’s no way to truly tell if a hack occurred. However, it would explain why they had so much trouble on their first day of hosting the WSOP Online Bracelet Series.

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