Gordon Vayo May Have Lied in PokerStars Lawsuit – Being Countersued

gordon-vayo-pokerstars-lawsuit-withdrawnFor the past year, poker pro Gordon Vayo has been in the process of suing PokerStars for $700,000. Vayo claims that PokerStars owes him $700k for a tournament that he won in the 2017 Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP). But Stars has now launched a countersuit worth $280,000 on the grounds that Vayo falsified evidence.

PokerStars refused to pay Vayo after alleging that he played the SCOOP from California. This is a clear violation of Stars’ terms and conditions, because Americans aren’t allowed to play on their site. Vayo, meanwhile, claimed that he was in Canada at the time of the victory.

Vayo Withdrew His Lawsuit

Vayo recently withdrew his lawsuit and is no longer seeking payment for his win. PokerStars alleges that the only reason he did this is because he falsified documents to support his case. Here’s an excerpt from their court papers:

“As soon as [PokerStars] discovered the forgery and confronted Vayo about it, Vayo voluntarily and unconditionally dismissed this action, and his counsel withdrew. [PokerStars] is thus the prevailing party in Vayo’s frivolous lawsuit, and it is entitled to recover its fees and costs.”

How Did Vayo Falsify Documents?

Gordon Vayo won the 2017 SCOOP Event #1 High $1,050 NLHE tournament along with $692,460. However, Stars refused to pay up after stating that he used a virtual private network (VPN) to play from the US.

Vayo countered that he had evidence that he was playing the tourney from Canada. Vayo then sued PokerStars on grounds that they had no proof he was playing from California.

Just last month, Vayo’s attorney’s withdrew the lawsuit. This move came just after PokerStars accused the player of forging and doctoring evidence.

Specifically, he may have forged ATM transactions in order to sell his case. PokerStars is now seeking $280,000 in legal costs stemming from the matter.

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