Harrah’s Permanently Shuts Down Poker Room Due to COVID-19

Harrah’s has chosen to close their poker room permanently amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In doing so, Harrah’s becomes the first Las Vegas casino to shut down their poker room as a result of lockdowns and coronavirus fears.

Many Las Vegas casinos have reopened their poker venues in recent weeks. This trend started with just four poker establishments. However, over 50% of the 31 Vegas poker rooms have since reopened.

This number has actually gone down to 30, though, with Harrah’s shutting down their poker establishment for good.

Harrah’s Was Never a Premier Vegas Poker Room

Run by Caesars Entertainment—owner of the WSOP brand—Harrah’s seems like a natural for a successful poker room. In reality, though, it is one of the least-popular Vegas poker venues.

Despite being on the Strip, it just never attracted the same type of buzz as glamorous rooms at the Aria and Bellagio, for example. It remained a low-key and smaller establishment for years.

Harrah’s featured just seven tables at the time of its closure. By comparison to many other Las Vegas poker rooms, which offer 20 to 50 tables, Harrah’s was a blip on the poker radar.

It also ran low-stakes games that resulted in little rake for the casino. $1/$2 NL hold’em tables were common in this venue.

Harrah’s Plans to Turn the Floor Space Into a Slots Area

Casinos commonly get rid of non-profitable games and replace them with more-lucrative options. Harrah’s will be doing the same thing with their former poker area.

After removing the seven poker tables, the casino plans to replace them with slot machines. Harrah’s already features more than 1,200 slots, but they could significantly add to this total through the poker area.

The Harrah’s poker room probably won’t be missed much in the grand scheme of things. However, its closure could make other casinos think about doing the same thing.