Jason Mercier Leaving Team PokerStars – But Not Retiring

jason-mercier-wsopJason Mercier has represented PokerStars for eight and a half years. But this partnership has now come to an end, namely due to Mercier’s different priorities.

The 5-time WSOP champ now balances his poker career with his wife and three-month-old son.

He blogged about his situation, noting that he skipped the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure this year for the first time in a decade.

Here’s one excerpt from his post:

“This is my first time missing the PCA since I started traveling to play live poker. Up until this year I had gone ten years in a row. It was at the PCA that I had my first taste of live poker. I also had played the $100k super high roller event every year that is has been offered there (seven years).

“My choice to skip the PCA was hard, however all the choices that eventually led me to that decision were quite easy.

“It all started in the summer of 2016, when I decided I was going to propose to my girlfriend. She said yes, and the next decision was when and where to get married. We had a short engagement, followed by an amazing wedding. We both knew we wanted to have kids right away, and luckily she got pregnant just two months after we married.

“Our baby boy Marco Henry was born October 6, 2017. My life was changed forever that day, and for the better. Becoming a parent brings about a complete transformation of who you are. I no longer let myself be so concerned with what I want, but more so the well being of my wife and my child (and future children). Serving and leading my family is of utmost importance.”

It should be noted that Mercier is by no means retiring from poker. I discussed how Vanessa Selbst chose to walk away from playing the game professionally this month.

Mercier, on the other hand, is still going to play in poker tournaments frequently. He just won’t have to adhere to his PokerStars travel schedule any longer.

The 31-year-old has immediate plans to play in the 2018 WSOP. Mercier is also planning on going back to the PCA next year.

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