Jason Mercier Wins 2016 WSOP $10k Lowball and Big Prop Bets

jason-mercier-wsop-braceletJason Mercier has won his fourth-career gold bracelet after taking down the 2016 WSOP $10k 2-7 Draw Lowball Championship along with $273,335. The Florida native beat out a 100-player field en route to the bracelet win, and survived a heads-up match with Canadian pro Michael Watson.

With the win, Mercier becomes the 39th player to earn at least four gold bracelets. His career tournament winnings now sit at $16.7 million, which ranks 11th all time.

Beyond prize money and accolades, what’s really exciting for Mercier is that his bracelet win has earned him a boatload of money on WSOP prop bets. Before the 2016 WSOP began, he tweeted the following offers:

“Looking to get 3 to 1 on winning a bracelet this WSOP (Vegas only) any takers? Lmk, will need escrow / post if I don’t know u well etc”

“Oh I’ll also do myself vs any player to win a bracelet … Will cap the action on certain players, but everyone is avail at 1st”

Mercier has already earned one gold bracelet, which has won him the 3:1 prop bet. But he has even more action riding on his ability to win a second and third bracelet.

“If I can win another (gold bracelet) really quick, it would be a sick sweat the rest of the series,” he said. “Now, I’m free rolling the next year.”

Mercier again brought up prop bets when asked by the WSOP media about where this bracelet win ranks in his career.

“I’d say this was the second best of the four,” he said. “The first one you get is always the most special. But I have been wanting to win this event for a long time and to get here against this kind of field was really nice. It also helps that I had lots of side action riding on winning a bracelet this year.”

With over 50 events still left to go, it’ll be interesting to see if Mercier can add another bracelet or two.

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