Josh Brikis Quit Poker – Now He Trades Cards & Focuses on Family

josh-brikis-pokerJosh Brikis had a good poker career that spanned from 2006 to 2015. During this decade, he made $1.58 million and experienced several big poker finishes, including taking second in the 2009 WSOP $5k Limit Hold’em event ($619,608).

However, Brikis got burnt out with the live tournament scene in 2015 and retired from the game. The only time he plays competitively any more is when he goes to the WSOP every summer.

What’s Brikis Up to Now?

The Pennsylvania native recently spoke with CardsChat about quitting poker and trading sports cards.

“I only played the Main Event. It was really strange actually, just all the memories of everything from 2009-2015 that were in my head,” he told CardsChat. “I had a good time and it was fun, but the one thing I realized quickly was that I made the right decision and that I didn’t miss doing it for a living.”

Brikis is totally focused on trading sports cards now. He and his partners will buy a case of cards for $1,200, then sell them individually.

He also uses live video chat to explain to collectors why they’re getting a good deal. “[I] break down the odds and compare the risk/reward for the price of the teams.”

Brikis Isn’t Completely Done with Poker

josh-brikis-poker-cards-businessWhile Brikis won’t be grinding out a living through poker any time soon, he hasn’t ruled out playing big events in the future.

As mentioned earlier, he still travels to Vegas once a year to play some WSOP tournaments. And he’s also interested in playing WPT tourneys at the Borgata.

With Pennsylvania recently legalizing online poker, it’s not unfathomable that he’ll also play on the internet. After all, he’s collected $913,540 through online MTTs.

But for the time being, he’s happy trading cards and focusing on his family.

“I haven’t played poker pretty much at all for two years,” Brikis said. “Any free time I have, I am either with my son or taking care of my house and business. I just don’t have any desire to go sit down for a game when I have the free time to do it, I would rather be doing something else.”

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