Justin Bonomo Wins Super High Roller Bowl and $4.8M

justin-bonomo-super-high-roller-china-victoryLong-time poker pro Justin Bonomo has won the Super High Roller Bowl China and US$4.8 million. The 32-year-old topped a 75-player field, including Patrik Antonius in a heads-up battle.

The Super High Roller Bowl China took place at Macau’s Babylon Casino. Players needed to pay a hefty HK$2.1 million (US$267,645) to enter. The 75 entrants created a prize pool worth HK$145.5 million (US$18,550,297), with 11 players cashing.

Bonomo had a successful run through this field and took the lead heading onto the final table. Antonius was in second place entering the final table. Little drama was involved, because these two poker legends retained their positions until the heads-up portion.

Heads-Up Play Between Antonius and Bonomo

Antonius and Bonomo had a gap of 1.7 million chips between them. Neither player discussed a deal, meaning they competed for the entire US$4.8 million payout.

Bonomo did a good job of keeping the distance. The final hand saw Bonomo raise preflop with 7d-5d. Antonius, holding Kh-10h, re-raised with the stronger hand.

The flop was Jd-10d-8d, giving Bonomo a flush. But he slowplayed it by checking. This drew a check from Antonius as well, who was holding middle pair and a straight draw.

Bonomo bet on a turn of 9h, drawing a call from Antonius. He kept the aggression up by betting on the Qs river.

Antonius, having rivered a straight, re-raised all-in. The Finn unfortunately found out that he was beaten by a flush.

Bonomo and Antonius Move Up the All-Time Money List

This victory gives Bonomo $25,247,485 in winnings, placing him sixth in all-time live tournament winnings.

Antonius, meanwhile, moves his winnings up to $10,677,720 with a second-place score worth US$3,152,434. The 37-year-old distanced himself from Juha Helppi for first place on Finland’s all-time winnings list.

Super High Roller Bowl China Final Table Results:

1. Justin Bonomo – US$4,821,516
2. Patrik Antonius – $3,152,434
3. Rainer Kempe – $2,039,806
4. Dominik Nitsche – $1,668,932
5. Bryn Kenney – $1,483,495
6. Stephen Chidwick – $1,298,058
7. David Peters – $1,112,621

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