Mike Sexton tells Great Old-Man Poker Stories during Cash Game

If there’s one thing that Mike Sexton can do besides play poker, it’s talk. He is, after all, a World Poker Tour announcer. And Sexton has recently been talking up a storm on a Party Poker-sponsored cash game at the Borgata.

As you can see in the segments below, he tells some of his favorite Johnny Moss, Bobby Hoff and Stu Ungar tales. The latter is pretty interesting because Sexton relives another degenerate Ungar tale where the three-time WSOP Main Event winner lost $78,000 on his first time at the golf course.

Another delightful part of watching these segments is to see how nobody says a word during Sexton’s stories. It’s as if they’ve already heard these stories before from him and are hearing them for the thousandth time. In the first clip, Sexton even acknowledges that Vince Van Patten has probably sat through these tales one too many times.

Nevertheless, it’s interesting to see how passionate Sexton is about retelling stories from poker’s past. Check out the clips below and see if he draws you in. And if you’re short on time, just skip ahead to the second clip about Unger because it’s the least-told story that Sexton rehashes:

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