Negreanu Spots Trump and Hillary’s Poker Tells

negreanu-trump-hillaryDaniel Negreanu is one of the few poker pros who have mainstream fame. So it’s little surprise that when Esquire was looking for a player to spot Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s poker tells, they asked Negreanu.

You can read all of his analysis here, but let’s check out some of what Negreanu pointed out below:

What Type of “Players” are Donald and Hillary?

Negreanu – “Trump is clearly very loose and very aggressive. He’s a loose, aggressive wild man. He’s hard to prepare for because he’s a lunatic. When you’re playing poker with a guy like that you never know what he’s going to do next because he’s all over the place. On the other hand, Hillary is extremely tight and extremely conservative. She’s very robotic and very careful to not upset the apple cart. They’re polar opposites in how they approach a debate. He’s loose/aggressive and she’s tight/conservative.”

What Are Hillary and Donald’s Tells?

Negreanu – “Yes. And both are distinctly different. Hillary is a lot more practiced and polished, so when she puts on a fake smile I can tell when it’s fake, and often it is. Trump is a lot more loose and obvious with his facial expressions. You could watch Donald Trump in a debate and not hear any of the words and you’ll still get a sense for when he’s pleased, when he’s angry and when he’s not.”

Hillary’s Smile Is a Huge Tell

Negreanu – “Well, when she gets a little bit nervous she tends to giggle or cackle a little bit and I would say that is her biggest tell. She’s masking weakness by pretending to laugh it off. Another is that she begins to choose her words more carefully. You can see that she’s thinking a lot. When [I believe] she’s lying, she looks up and her eyes are up to the left like she’s searching for the right words and trying to make sure that she doesn’t step into it.”

Hillary Putting Trump on Tilt

Negreanu – “Well, she really provoked him. It was clear in the first debate, she set a trap. She antagonised him by mentioning daddy’s money. And for a man like Trump, you’re basically pressing the button of his ego and his self-worth and that put him on tilt. He stopped attacking her and started defending himself. You couldn’t have played it any more perfectly.”

The debate portion of Hillary and Trump’s poker game is finished. But they’re still playing the game through attack ads on each other ahead of the Nov. 8 election.

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