Negreanu Tweet on Rounders Sequel Draws Reply

Many have speculated about a sequel to Rounders over the years. But here we are 21 years later and there’s no Rounders 2 in the works.

Daniel Negreanu recently used his sway in the poker community to try and convince filmmaker Brian Koppelman that the sequel needs to happen. Interestingly enough, Negreanu actually got a nice response.

As you can see, Koppelman hasn’t totally ruled out the idea of trying for a sequel. But then again, he didn’t offer any guarantees either.

Why Does the Poker World Care So Much About Rounders 2?

Rounders became a cult classic thanks to an interesting plot and elite cast. The latter included Matt Damon, Ed Norton, John Malkovich, and John Turturro.

This film introduced people to the underground poker scene in New York City. It was compelling enough to inspire future pros like Chris Moneymaker to take up the game.

Of course, Rounders wasn’t exactly a box office smash. The $12 million film generated $23 million in box office revenue, which is okay when considering the budget. But it by no means resonated with the average movie goer like a Marvel movie.

However, Rounders did grow in popularity along with the game of poker itself. Moneymaker’s 2003 WSOP Main Event victory was one of the instrumental aspects of pushing poker to new heights.

Many of those who came into poker either saw Rounders before trying the game or afterward. That said, most of these players are like Negreanu in that they’d like to see how Mike McDermott’s poker career ended up.

Chances of a Rounders Sequel Happening

Hollywood has been known to wait a couple of decades before recycling plotlines. That said, Rounders 2 does have some chance of happening.

It especially has good odds of being made one day when considering lack of success with other poker films. Rounders is a proven formula for success, meaning a sequel, especially one with Damon and Norton, could sell some theater seats.

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